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Current Titles:
    The Kozmo Not! Series introduces children to a boisterous and lovable dog as he explores his environment. The illustrations provide a playful scene for Kozmo and his reader friends to encounter different scenarios, engage in critical thinking about each situation, and of course.. have fun! 
    Dialogue from Kozmo is throughout the book to help children understand that animals have personalities, thoughts, and can be full of mischief and silliness - just like them! 
    The upcoming series of adventures will help children establish a literary friend in Kozmo and encourage them to keep reading and exploring their world. 

  Join us in person at upcoming local book signings to provide Kozmo the opportunity to meet his little human friends in person and provide his very own paw-signature in his book!

Upcoming Dates and Locations to be announced!
Kozmo NOT! Book Series
Upcoming Events:
Kozmo NOT! the Beach
  For their first adventure - join Kozmo and his little humans on an adventure to the beach! With opportunities for fun at the beach, there are many laughs and lessons to learn. ​
Kozmo NOT! Future Titles: